Internet speed problems are a common issue for internet users worldwide. It is an annoying experience and in order to solve the problem, its root must be figured out. Sluggish internet connections happen for numerous reason, and can occur even though people have payed for a “high speed connection”. This is because the internet uses hundreds of different technologies trying to communicate to one another, so there are many places where data can slow down prior to reaching a user’s computer.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) can slow down internet speed

The ISP may be purposely handicapping a user’s bandwidth, meaning that ISPs put a limit on how much data a customer can use over a period of time. So if the speed is slow, the user might be close to exceeding his limit. ISPs are known to slow down specific services such as Bittorent. People who are curious about this should run a useful and precise internet speed test from time to time to see if they are getting what they payed for.


There are several ways of how hardware can slow down internet speed: a poor hardware connecting the user’s machine to the wall, an old and slow network interface card, an aged computer incapable of moving electrons fast enough for modern web sites. An incorrectly configured broadband router can also make the internet speed run slow. This will happen if the MTU setting is set too high or too low.

Is browser the cause?

A web browser could have add-ons and plugin features which are draining bandwidth. It also might have some security features enabled which first perform security scans, and then display a page. When a browser’s memory cache is full it has to slow down, because of its limited hard disk space.


WiFi Thieves and Distractors

WiFi thieves are people who leach on other people’s unprotected wireless connections, and this is a common cause of a slow internet speed. Another reason could be the fact that radio or microwave devices can interfere with a user’s wireless signal. This interference can be caused by any device that emits an electro-magnetic signal, from cordless phones to Bluetooth headphones, and even smart meters.

Internet users should pay attention

A number of windows open in the background can choke a computer’s CPU, and in turn slow down internet speed. Also, a download occurring in the background will leach bandwidth if the user is unaware of it. Another cause of slow internet speed can be a dialog box which is sitting open in the background, and stalling a PC’s CPU while waiting a yes/no answer from the user. People who deal with uploading stuff on torrent should know that an upload running in the background can slow down internet speed.

Spyware and Malware

Spyware and malwares exploit vulnerable systems by infecting them so that they can use internet bandwith to send spam and distribute porn. Besides slowing down internet speed, they also slow down an operating system and user’s applications.

If the tips you’ve read are not enough, don’t panic. There are a myriad resources online that can help you increase your internet speed.