You’re about to move to a new home, so why not have a great, green start? Your household move is a perfect opportunity for implementing some simple yet effective green changes that will ensure that the spirit of eco-friendliness is brought to your new home, too. From packing supplies to cleaning products, there’s plenty of ways to go green for your household move.

Donate, don’t throw away

Once you’ve finished sorting out your belongings, you’ll have a lot of excess items that you won’t bring to your new home. While some of them will be quite worn-out and ready to be tossed away, others may find a new purpose with a new owner. You should consider donating some of your belongings, such as old clothes or old furniture. This way, you’ll be able to help those in need or simply reduce the need for purchasing new items that would require the use of new materials.

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Remember to recycle

We all have items with a “sentimental value” that remind us of the simpler times when we were just kids. That is, when we accidentally stumble upon them while packing. Moving away is a great opportunity for you to get rid of clutter and useless items that you, or anybody else for that matter, don’t really need. However, don’t just throw all the items into one bag, but remember to recycle! You can have different boxes labelled for glass, plastic and paper, and as you sort out your items, just put them in the right box. This is a great way to help reduce waste and contribute to the environment protection.

Use green packing materials

You need to gather your supplies before starting to pack in order to keep it as efficient as possible. However, since you’ll need a plethora of packing supplies, you should minimise your effect on the environment. And one of the simplest yet most effective ways to do this is to use green packing materials. Instead of buying dozens of new cardboard boxes, you should repurpose old ones. Ask your friends whether they have some, go to local stores and check websites, such as Freecycle.  You should also use bins made from recycled plastic – you don’t even have to buy them, but rent them from different companies. Finally, if you need to buy some of your packing supplies, you should purchase those made from biodegradable materials, such as green wrap, packing peanuts and natural rubber tapes.


Consider your transportation options

If you decide to hire a professional moving company, you should look into whether there are companies that use vans that run on biodiesel fuel and green packing materials. However, since this option is on the expensive side, there are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint on a budget. For example, a trustworthy agency for truck hire in Brisbane offers a reliable service and large trucks to their clients, which enables them to pack up their belongings and transport them all at once rather than go back and forth in their cars. In addition, this company can provide their clients with packing materials, so they don’t have to purchase additional supplies. You should research your options thoroughly, because you can find an affordable and efficient way to transport your belongings.


Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Whether it comes to your old house or a new one, moving and cleaning go hand in hand. To make sure that your old place is spotlessly clean and your new haven is pristine and safe, you should use green cleaning products. You can either find an eco-friendly brand or make your own cleaning solutions using baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice for a fresh aroma.

Any time is the right time for going green, so make sure to use these eco-friendly tips for a fresh start in your new home.