The Majority of the confusion is Microsoft’s fault. Once on a time, it needed individuals to use Windows Live Mail to gather email from the Windows Live email services. Well, it needs to be simple if they had the exact same title, right? It needs folks to use Outlook (a Windows or smartphone program) or Outlook (a Microsoft Office app) to gather their email in (a email service), that can be even more perplexing. It is no wonder why people get them mixed up.

Actually, no edition of Windows Mail is moving off, and no one should switch to another email services. Much Windows Live Mail 2012 remains accessible, even though it does not follow Microsoft’s contemporary finger-friendly design, along with also the Windows Live Mail Windows 10 has been phased out.

Yes, you might want to modify your email preferences, but only as long as you use Windows Live Mail 2012 (the PC email program) using a Microsoft email service like Hotmail, Live, or even

Should you use Windows Live Mail 2012 with another email support — for instance, in case you’ve got a BT, Virgin, Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail or alternative email address — you certainly do not have to modify anything. You’re not influenced. This doesn’t concern you.

Microsoft began this mess from writing to folks who utilized Windows Live Mail using Microsoft email accounts to state Windows Live Mail would quit functioning by 30 June 2016. It had been moving all of the Microsoft Hotmail and also Live Mail accounts into a new variant of, which Windows Live Mail wouldn’t encourage. Microsoft said users can change to Outlook, the free email program, or even Outlook, the Microsoft Office email app, which it provided free for a year.

My response said that individuals with Live and Hotmail Mail email addresses may use Windows Live Mail 2012 using when they altered the configurations to use the IMAP email protocol.

The deadline has gone and there is at least one instance in which Windows Live Mail 2012 remains functioning unchanged following an update to Windows 10. I understand this because my spouse has an older speech, and I am still awaiting the Windows Live Mail to split.

When yours gets broken, you’ll receive Server error 3219 along with Windows Live Mail mistake 0x8DE00005, and you’ll be not able to receive or send messages. This means that your email service was transferred to some new host, and you’ll need to modify your email settings, or change to another email application.