Purchasing a family home is a big step for anyone, so it’s no wonder buyers tend to be a little picky. While there are certain features that were always desired in a house, some new demands showed up with the development of new technologies and new generations of buyers. If you’re trying to sell your house, you should know a few tricks that will make it more desirable so here’s what buyers are currently looking for.

Separate laundry room

If you don’t have it, make sure you install it before you put your house on the market because that might be the thing that will sell your house. As a matter of fact, it’s on the very top of the list of most wanted home features for buyers of all ages. If you’re lacking space, place it in a basement or in some room outside the house.

Hardwood floors

It’s understandable – they look natural and are easy to maintain so make sure your house has hardwood floors, at least on the main level. Modern interior design is all about neutral colours and natural materials, so that’s what buyers are looking for.


One of the greatest perks of owning a house is having a backyard and patio area. A nicely decorated patio can only get your house bonus points. If you don’t have the time or will to do it, then at least mow your lawn and remove any clutter that’s been piling up in your backyard. Also, consider installing exterior lighting since it is a must-have feature.

Low maintenance

People these days work up to 70 hours a week and that’s why they don’t want a house that’s hard to maintain. Paint your walls with high-quality paint and the right finish for high-traffic areas. You can find outstanding cheap rugs online, so say goodbye to old-fashioned and hard-to-clean wall-to-wall carpets.

Pleasant odours

If you have pets or you’re a smoker, your house might start to smell bad over time. It surely isn’t pleasant for your family either so imagine how it will look to your potential buyers. Ventilate as often as possible, clean everything thoroughly, and consider investing in a high-quality air purifier. Bonus tip: add a pleasant aroma to your doorway so the buyers instantly feel like at home.


Outdated appliances with low energy star rating are a big no. Changing your appliances might seem like a big investment but it can pay off when you actually sell the house. The same goes for energy-efficient windows as well as for insulation. Buyers love it when insulation is higher than required by code so check your ductworks.

Home office

These days, more than 60 percent of companies offer their employees a chance to work from home so it’s no wonder buyers want some space for a home office. It can be a separate room or a little nook in the bedroom, living room, or even in the kitchen or hallway. Whether you already have one in your house or not, make sure you point out the possibility of installing it. Potential buyers will appreciate it.


Of course, new owners of the house will clean it once they move in, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about house chores while in the process of selling. Dirty dishes, filthy bathroom and clutter can leave a horrible first impression so clean up before letting potential buyers in your home. Also, try minimizing your personal stuff so they can actually see how much space there is.

Selling a house can become a long-term process so it always comes in handy to know what people love to see. Try adding some of these features and you’ll surely see the difference. It’s a little investment that can really pay off in the end so go ahead and prepare your home for your future buyers.