When you want to travel outstation cities or countries for your holidays the last thing you really don’t want to miss is a good playlist of songs. I guess it is the best entertainment for your travel diaries. But the bad thing is that you cannot carry an excellent music app with your cellular data on. Of course, without it your music app is not going to work.

So now what do we do? Android and iOS markets especially provide you with Music applications that will facilitate you with unlimited songs without any internet connection i.e offline. Believe me, these apps work amazingly well on your smartphones and other devices. You can count on offline music for your unlimited entertainment while on a holiday trip and traveling through beautiful forest or mountains to see.

Top Music Apps that you can use without internetToday we are here to help you download one of the best offline music application for your Android and iOS device as well. Let’s see your best pick for the day:-

  • Bloom. Fm

If we want to talk about one of the best offline music listening experience then surely we cannot miss Bloom.Fm. It is an incredible application that lets us go through thousands of songs according to artist, genres, mood and new releases. It goes through a consistent update from the developers to give better experience to its users.

The offline music listening in Bloom.Fm is called as “Borrowing” which is how exactly its works. You apparently download a song, listen to it’s to your hearts content and then swap it to bin after you are done. This is the best way to listen to songs on your iPhone. There is a free version available but it won’t provide you with offline facility whereas, the paid version supports some extraordinary features too. The minimum subscription costs you $1.49 per month.

Compatibility: iPhone

  • Spotify

Without Spotify I couldn’t complete my top 5 list for today. Spotify is a big player in the music application format. With its competitors like Pandora and Rdio Spotify outstands with its insync offline feature. While most of the apps only provide you with online streaming which actually takes in your cellular data and subscription fees, Spotify asks for $9.99 per month with excellent features and offline facility.

With Spotify you can listen to songs online as well as sync the whole playlist offline and listen to it’s for free. Isn’t this amazing! Well for me i is definitely as mostly with other apps I have to first slide the songs to a playlist and then download them Which is quite a pain for me. Therefore, Spotify plays an essential role in my smartphone.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • Groove

Groove is the perfect application for listen to your favorite songs offline. It has got popular recently after getting 85,000 downloads in 24 hours itself. I guess this is quite an achievement for a developer. Well the basic reason for it being top in the list is it’s unbelievable flawless and fluid performance and amazing material design UI.

It apparently allows you to listen to songs offline without any extra charges. You can listen to songs in flight mode as well. It provides you with thousands of songs including new releases and old classic for a start. It effortlessly creates instant mixes and and good playlists to follow.

Compatibility: iPhone

  • Pandora

After Spotify Pandora is going to be the best offline music application for Android and iOS devices. It normally allows you to listen to one of the biggest playlist set according to your mood, favorite artist or genres. With its amazing features, one facility that is really good is its alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite song or a whole list for that matter.

Offline services of Pandora allows you to download a particular song, save in the playlist and listen while traveling through your favorite destinations. It has a freemium and a premium version. The premium version allows you to listen to songs offline but Freemium version does not. The subscription for a month costs you $4.99.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

  • Swarm.Fm

Swarm.fm is a nice well to do application for Anroid users. It simple allows you to create your own playlist with particular type of music and play them offline. When I talk about Swarm.fm then of course I can’t miss the fact that Swarm.fm is an app that now syncs with the services of Spotify. Although this gives it a better playlist and regular updates but on the other hand, it also makes you feel the difficulty of downloading a particular song offline through the application.

So if you want to listen to a song offline you need to connect with Spotify web app or desktop application and then sync it to the mobile. The worse case senario with Swarm.fm would be if you don’t have your laptop or desktop nearby. The biggest drawback for this app is that you have to create a playlist offline first and for that premium version is important.

Compatibility: Android


All the applications mentioned above are quite good and amazing to use. Their user interface and features are quick and flawless to use. Let’s try out the best one that suits our smartphones.

This post has been contributed by Swati Sharma from Bloomtimes.