A role model can be anyone who serves as an example for youth. Usually it is the behavior of that person, or the success that he or she is enjoying that caught the attention of a child and made him with that he was like that person. Professions that the role models of youth are usually in are: professional athletes, musicians, actors and fictional superheroes. Children see in them a person they would one day like to become, kids focus on the positive accomplishments of those role models and adopt the positive virtues that they stand for. So who are the best role models these days?

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most famous soccer players of today, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is usually seen as a diva and somebody who should work in modeling. Even though his life is hectic and very busy, he still finds time to help others with great acts of selflessness. He is among the most charitable athletes of today, he is donating to hospitals, paying for patients treatments. He raised school in countries ravaged with war, he donated money after devastating earthquakes.
On one such occasion, Ronaldo was asked by a family for his jersey and cleats in order for them to auction it so they would have enough money for their child’s surgery. With his jersey and cleats, Ronaldo also sent a check to cover the costs of an entire procedure.

Cristiano RonaldoKeanu Reeves

Even though he is an actor, Reeves doesn’t care much for the fame and fortune most of people enjoy in Hollywood. After the movie “Matrix” ended, he donated all of his salary, a whopping $75 million, to the people who worked on the special effects and costume designers on the set. He said that they were the ones who deserve all the credit, a selfless act indeed. This was not a one-time thing, he is constantly buying gifts for the people who work with him on the set and sometimes even pays their debts.

Keanu ReevesSuperheroes

If your kid like watching cartoons or reading comics, they probably love superheroes. They probably have a favorite one, the one they look up to and adopt all of his virtues. Superheroes are very good role models because they can learn your kid about the simple concept of good and bad. They also inspire confidence in kids and spark their imagination.
If they see their favorite superhero do a good deed on TV, they are more likely to apply that to a real life situation. If you see that your kid took an interest in a certain fictional character, you can surprise them by arranging a visit for their birthday by animators like Superheroes.

SuperheroesEmma Watson

Our beloved wizard from the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson, gained a lot of fame and fortune with that role. But that didn’t change her personality at all. With the money she earned from the movie she finished her education at Brown University. She is currently a UN Goodwill ambassador, Emma is very passionate about what she does and is certainly a role model to look up to.

Emma WatsonLeonardo DiCaprio

The man who portrayed Jack Dawson, in the masterpiece that is “Titanic”, is more than your average actor. Leonardo is a devoted activist, trying to inform the people about the environmental issues that our planet is facing. He does that through his documentaries and with his own charity foundation. More than just a pretty actor, DiCaprio is fighting to make the planet better for future generations, and surely he is somebody the kids look up to.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Role models are crucial for a child’s development. They will shape how our children grow up and what kind of person they strive to be. Good thing this generation has a great number of awesome role models to look up to.

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