Let’s face it; the most treasured asset in a woman’s life is her beauty and sense of fashion. Many beauty trends affect the normal life of most women. Women are always after something new, something different and something trendy which will offer that gorgeous look. Remember just like clothing, hair, and shoes, nails should not be neglected. Nails are very important in complementing that beautiful appearance. They set a woman’s mood and giving that sense of belonging. There are so many stylish, pretty, sleek, cool and charming nail designs that women should try as soon as possible. Here are top 10 nail designs to try as soon as possible.

1. Glitter gradient design

This is absolutely one of those exuberant, charming and gorgeous nail design ideas that you need to try as soon as possible. The design is very simple and when applied with a much perfection, it will produces very brilliant results. Glitter gradient nail style is much easier to accomplish than many people realize. The secret behind this style is that you better use of glitter polish instead of sprinkling loose glitter on the top of wet nail.

2. Nude nails

Nude nails are by far the most popular nail design ideas. Just like a black dress or the red lipstick, nude nails will never be outdated. The major reason why this design remains much popular is because it looks very smart on every lady, no matter the age or skin tone. You can wear it on a wedding and for sure you will look stylish, wear it for a bash and it will make you appear trendy and if you wear it to job, it will make you look modern and chic.Some of the best nail colors of nude shade include; Madora, Tom Ford, Chanel, and Essie. However, G’Sang nude color is one of the very famous and it is highly recommend. This design has been spotted with many models in many shows such as Alexander Wang and at Tanya Taylor whose choice of nude nails had a sweet twist of diagonal sweeps of mint, fuchsia and orange applied at the tips.

3. Copper glitter design

Many nail artists have opted to take this charming, stylish, unique and trendy nail design to the next level. The awesome mixture of copper glitter and matte burgundy make this design appear super elegant. It is a very easy and simple nail design with perfect polish colors.

4. Pumpkin accent nail

Pumpkin accent nail design is one of the sleek and completely irresistible nail designs to adopt during Halloween time, to make those Halloween nails.

5. Acorn nail design

This design is absolutely one of those charming and creative nail designs. Do you know what basic girls do with acorn? They try to make crafty centerpieces then stick them in a vase; this can be done on the nails too. The design creates a warm and cool effect since it is girlish, sleek, and charming.

6. Ballerina nails (Coffin Nails)

If you like cool designs, then this long shape, which has a flat tip can match your desire; the Ballerina nails. They are very stylish and perfect for creating edgy, bold nail looks.

7. Bedazzled nails

The secret behind this style is using strong nail glue and a precise jewel application. The design can be elaborated by painting some monochromatic shades topped with two to three jewels at the centre.

8. Dark green

Darker nail hues suggest colder months. This nail design is one of the easiest and trendy styles to be adoptedsoon. However, one should be very careful with the choice of dressing when adopting this nail design.

9. Metallic colors

Metallic colors are some of the latest nail design being adopted in the world of beauty. This design can be alternated with nude nails to achieve that brilliant look. Although, you should be careful on the kind of dress you are wearing.

10. Black carbon shades

Dark nail shine is a very challenging yet shockingly simple style one can try. You can wear any kind of dress you like.


There are different shapes of nails they can be rounded, oval, almond, and squared oval. Regardless of the shape, the good thing is that you can try any nail design you like. The most important factor to consider when selecting any nail design is observing the common nail trends seen with the models on the runway. The choice of dressing and the nature of events greatly affect the nail design to be adopted.