No matter the time of year, or the trend dominating it, our gorgeous planet Earth is always in the mood for some loving, and when we say loving, we mean eco-friendly extra care and thought put into keeping it healthy and as beautiful as it already is. Even though you may be aware of its importance, the environment is one of humans’ main sources of the necessary resources. This is why it’s important we are all joined in a mission to make our wonderful planet a cleaner, greener, and more environmentally responsible place.

There are several ways to help the planet by changing just a few things in your daily routine. We are enlisting a few very useful things you can start practicing and not only help the environment but also turn your house/apartment into a super eco-friendly and therefore make it a very desirable rental.

A photo of modern apartments and balconies

Change Your Electricity Usage

Getting Green Power may just be the best solution for changing your electricity habits. Most utility companies offer green power options using the EPA Green Power locator which is excellent choice in situations like these. Be aware that clean energy includes renewable energy sources as well as highly efficient combined heat and power.

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Insulate and upgrade

It may sound absolutely impossible, but statistics show that “the average house is responsible for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the average car”, cooling and heating being the biggest sources of this energy usage. This is why insulating is super important as it will air-seal your house/apartment as much as possible.

Additionally, be aware that “most energy loss comes from leaking ducts and leaks from unconditioned portions of the home into conditioned space”. Make it your business to have all penetration points such as windows, doors and recessed lighting in the ceilings sealed as well as the ducts at their connection points and seal. Something of this sort is a low-cost solution with significant savings. This will not only save the energy but as well make it a comfortable place for you to live at or a super good offer for someone to rent.

Less is More When it Comes to Water

While water isn’t that big an expense, using less water will definitely make an impact. There are plenty of ways to save water, apart from taking shorter showers, btw; for instance, a simple act of changing the shower-head on your shower will help with water saving water more than you know! Should we mention the little things like making sure all taps are tightened? Of course not, you already know that. While this has no real link to making your apartment more rental friendly, it surely is a good habit and definitely something you can brag about to your potential tenants.


Switch out the bulbs to LEDs or CFLs

The easiest, yet one of the most energy saving moves you can make is to follow Superlight’s advice and replace your current lights with LED wall lights and see your energy bill reduce (this will be particularly tempting to people looking to sublet) without the quality of lightning actually change. True,  LEDs are currently still much more expensive but they do pay off in the long run.


Switch to Energy Star appliances

If your appliances are ready to be changed for better, more modern versions, then do yourself a favor and opt for gadgets and appliances that are labeled “Energy Star”. These appliances are designed so they save more energy than regular appliances which will put a huge smile on your face when you get that bill at the end of the month. Obviously, less electric energy is used which is making it so much better for Mother Nature!

There you go. In the end, the decision to go eco-friendly is on you. These are just small contributions that can help our planet and save you some money.