Women love surprise birthday parties, as long as we are not talking about bad parties. The mere idea of her unpleasantly surprised face when she sees your friends barbequing in the backyard, drinking beer and making a mess gives you the chills. Throwing a great party for your spouse birthday that will evoke that smile that made you fell in love in her in the first place can be difficult, but with a pinch of creativity it might actually work. If you are married for quite some time now, you are probably all out of good and fresh ideas, but do not worry, we will land you a hand (or brain). Here are our thoughts on the matter.

Decide on the Scale

This is the tricky one. You need to actually see into your spouse’s mind. She could want a party for the crowd or a party for two or a special Netflix and chill day. Maybe she would prefer a dinner with your closest friends. If you notice she is tired and burned out, why not a party for one (e.g. a day of pampering at the spa) can be a good idea. Try to ask without being suspicious.

affair-1238434_1280Make It Emotional

No matter if you are throwing a large or a small party, you can still make it sentimental. Birthdays come once a year, and they should be truly special. You can make a video clip of her previous birthdays or some important life events and watch it together with your friends, or create a scrapbook, slideshow, write a letter


A Queen for a Day

This day should be all about her, so notify her that you are at her service whatever she wants – no cleaning and cooking for her. You can clean for yourself or hire professionals. After a good cleaning service she will not have to lift a finger for days.


Get Delicious Food

You can try cooking yourself, especially if you are making a party for two. If you are throwing a larger scale event, then it would be best to order food from party catering restaurants. Be careful with choosing caterers, though. Everything should be fresh, delicious, nicely served and elegant, so forget about the sausage, and ketchup and opt for canapés, truffles and mozzarella.

kaseplatte-653843_1280Shake It

Cocktails can lift up every party, so consider hiring a bartender that will mix some cool cocktails. If you are willing to invest a bit more effort take a short bartender course yourself and amaze your wife with your Tom Cruise (from Cocktail) imitation (we know where that evening is heading).

cocktails-731898_1280Have a Killer Playlist

Music can really set up the tone of the party. Try to find songs your spouse loves, but also consider the timing. The beginning of the party is tricky, you do not want to get all Rick Astley on the guests from the start. First, make the evening pleasant with some smooth jazz, blues or even tango music, and later, you can move on to the ‘70s and ‘80s beats and make it a dance affair.

sheet-music-944796_1280Decorate the Space

If you are throwing a party at home, make sure you make the space festive enough. Of course, rainbows and unicorns are out of the question, but you can arrange a lot of beautiful “mature” decorations. For example, fill up your house/backyard with a lot of flowers (calla lilies, roses, orchids, etc.), a subtle “Happy birthday” garland, paper lanterns, tulle pom poms, elegant candle holders, etc.

Cherry on the Top of the… oh Wait, Cake!

Do not forget about the cake. Forget about the candles, though. A woman does not need a reminder of her age, otherwise the fiesta could turn into fiasco. Simple, elegant fondant cake will be enough. Just choose some flavor she loves.

Make It Last

Break the rules of birthday that lasts a day, and escape the party to some weekend getaway. Pack her bags, and leave the surprise tickets on the bed. It can be a romantic cabin, a hotel room (with a Jacuzzi) nearby, or a true tropical paradise.

Because birthdays happen once a year, and true love once in a lifetime, make each of them count.