Closet work is a challenging task for many people. Knowing what you need for the current season and planning for the next season is a significant thing to do. This requires you to have closet organization ideas to ensure smooth and easy days. These include what new clothes you will need to add on your wardrobe. Time is also an important element to keep in mind. You need some time to sort and prepare what stuff you have.

Adopt the following tips on how to arrange your closet for a smooth 2017. These closet organization ideas are a perfect way to start your year with. They include the following.

1. Time

Commit some time to select, sort, plan and prepare what is in your wardrobe. This is very ideal if you have a limited space for your clothes. Ensure that the current clothes for the season are on top of your closet. This will help you get rid of all of your clothes, which you no longer need. You may decide to give to someone as you might have outgrown them or they are just torn out. This will leave you with what you will use and at the top of your closet to save time. It keeps your closet well arranged and organized.

2. Stylized sections

This is possible when you have your clothes on hangers. You are advised to hang them according to the color of the clothes. This will make it easier for you to pick a clothe from hanger when you want to match with a certain skirt or trouser. You can also choose to arrange them separating the short sleeve and long sleeved. This will save you from looking for any cloth for long time. You can also hang trousers and skirts separately for easier identification.

3. Easy folds

You are advised to fold clothes such as sweaters or denims. This will save space and makes your closed look neat because of their bulkiness. Fold them neatly and keep them above the closet. Sweat shirts, jeans and sweaters are easy clothes to fold. Keep them according to their colors or their types. This enables you to take shortest time possible when dressing.

4. Show off your shoes

Showing off your shoes means that you keep your shoes in a place where it will be clearly seen. It involves keeping them in a clear drawer. You are required to keep your favorite shoes closer to the drawer’s door for easier way to reach them. You can label your shoes on this drawer to help you identify them easily. This will save you time of having to go through several pairs before getting what you want.

5. Accessoring your accessories

This involves keeping your accessories well. You can use 3M hooks to help you display your accessories. The 3M will help you hook your bags, carves and belts in an orderly manner. These hooks can hold heavy bags and jewelries without breaking. These hooks also are very easy to remove your accessories from them. You can rearrange your accessories as many times as possible as far as it will help you reach them easily. It is always prudent to keep your earrings, necklace and bracelets in the first hood for easier removal when you want them. This is so also because of their sizes.

6. Lighting your closet

Lighting your closet is a significant part of helping you see clearly how your closet looks like. It will help you locate any clothe you wish to have easily. It will help keep your closet neatly arranged as you will easily see and pick what you want. If you do not have a lighting system in your closet, you are required to consider looking for inexpensive bulbs to help you keep it seen.

7. Hangers

You can have as many hangers as far as your closet will be able to hold them. Keep your clothes well in the hangers as you prefer. You can hang the clothes at the top of your closet. You are required to separate shirts or blouses from trousers and skirts. This is for easier identification of clothes. This will also help you save them.


Have a well arranged and neat wardrobe is a perfect thing to do. This will help you dress using the shortest time possible and help you do other important things. It will also help you keep your hose neat and attractive. A perfect closet will enable you reach what you want very easily.