Decorating your home includes much more than making your living room comfortable, your kitchen functional and your bedroom sleep-inducing. The outdoor space is also an essential part of your home and it deserves the same attention as the interior. A wonderful backyard not only makes your life better, it also adds to the total value of your property, should you decide to list it. So, if you too consider this to be an important element of your home, here are some ways you can enhance your landscape and transform your outdoor space into a place of dreams.

Plant some plants

The best thing about the backyard is that you get to spend time in nature, so enhance that feel by introducing as many plants as possible. Depending on your preferences and the style you choose to pursue, you can put an accent on green plants, starting from a beautiful lawn to shrubs, bushes and succulents, or make it more colorful with flowers, or even exotic with palm trees and flowering banana plants. You can further use those plants to create privacy, shade or zones.

garden flowers

Define zones

Speaking of zones, since backyards are naturally open spaces, they need some borderlines between the entertaining zones and other features. As we mentioned you can use plants – potted or planted in the ground to create that, but you can also include other elements like rocks, bricks, pathways, decks, etc.

Suit up for entertaining

What’s the point of a great backyard if you can’t spend time in it and have your friends over to brag about it? That’s why you need an outdoor furniture set. The best materials for that are stainless steel, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum, synthetic wicker and teak, but you can also try some DIY projects that include working with pallets. If you decide for more sensitive materials, you should protect them from the sun, rain and the snow.


When it comes to protecting your entertaining area from the sun, rain and elements, there are plenty of solutions you can try including pergolas or rolling shades. If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-install and stylish solution for a modern look, search for custom Shade Sails that can be adapted to your backyard style and the size of your sitting area.

shade sails patio

Make it private

So, you’ve protected your sitting area from the threats from above, but what to do with the curious eyes observing your backyard from the sides? You can hide away from them with privacy screens or in a more natural fashion with trees, shrubs and hedge fences.

Up the comfort

Having a backyard is a blessing, but only if you can really enjoy spending time in it. This means you shouldn’t just leave your furniture bare. Adding comfy throw pillows and cushions that connect the indoor and outdoor space with a similar style will elevate your backyard and transform it into a true oasis. You can also include outdoor rugs and some homey accessories, such as flower vases, picture frames and ottomans.

Create ambiance

Are you planning on using your outdoor space only during the daylight or you would like to extend the fun times even after the sun is down? In the latter case, you will need outdoor lighting that is functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Consider installing an eye-catching chandelier or using romantic string lights (in various colors, if you want to). Candles, lanterns, solar torches and other light sources are great options too.

Something special

Think about your backyard as your living room – it needs a focal point that will draw the eyes, but also make the entire space unique. When it comes to the backyard, this focal point can come in the form of water (fountain, lake or a pool) or fire (fire pit). But these are not all the options you have. Your wide range of special backyard features include a hot tub, outdoor shower, swing couch, playground for kids, real-deal outdoor kitchen, herb garden, and so much more.


A home is made of both the interior and the exterior, so you should devote some time and effort to turn your backyard into a soothing oasis where you will actually love spending time. These tips will help you accomplish that dream-place feel, so give them a try.