I can’t blame people for associating winter with being the dullest season of the year. It’s dull; it’s dark, and it’s gloomy. Poor diet and weight gain are common consequences, so too are poor fashion choices and countless styling mishaps. If you’re struggling with your winter fashion yourself, wake up, wake up!

Listed below are 10 tips to rev up and expand your fashionable choices of what to wear in winter:

Tip No. 1

Layer. Winter is the best time to layer. Don’t just work your outfits to achieve coziness and warmth. Dress to impress, and that means doing your homework and searching for look books that you can emulate and flavor with your personal sense of style.

Tip No 2

Keep what’s underneath plain and basic. You don’t want your undershirt to be the focus of your outfit. You want it to take the background that will make your overcoat standout. Stick to plain tees, basic and comfortable pieces in earth colors. You can’t go wrong with black tank tops, nude brown turtleneck knits, and white quarter-sleeved pieces.

Tip No. 3

Put on a knockout overcoat. Whether you have resolved to go for a leather jacket, trench coat, knit sweater, cardigan or poncho, you want a piece that will capture the whims of people watching. That means bold prints, beautiful figures, striking colors or intriguing accents. Don’t have it all. Going for just one of these is ideal.

Tip No. 4

Wear a shawl or scarf that complements your overcoat. If you prefer any of these accessories hanging from your neck then, make sure that it perfectly pairs with your overcoat. The general styling rule to follow is to keep your shawl or scarf toned down when you have an ornate overcoat. On the contrary, make sure it has interesting details on it if you decide to keep your overcoat toned down.

Tip No. 5

Choose pieces with very feminine cuts. Put together ensembles that will highlight a woman’s very feminine curves. It could be your breast, shoulder blades, waist, hips or legs — it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you’re highlighting one or two feminine assets and letting these show through underneath your thick, layered outfit.

Tip No. 6

Incorporate feminine pieces in your outfit. It can be a touch of embroidered lace, the smoothness of satin or the rich texture of silk. What’s important is that you look undeniably queenly and elegant in your winter pieces so that you stay looking like a lady even with countless layers keeping you cozy and warm.

Tip No. 7

Be elegant and sophisticated. Achieve refined winter styling effortlessly by going for beautifully sewn pieces with clean cuts and fine lines that perfectly hug and suit your figure. Don’t ever think that just because your body is hidden under the layers; your curves won’t show anyway. In fact, that is what you should be aiming for. To achieve this, wear tailored slacks and rich clothing textiles.

Tip No. 8

Mindfully incorporates your accessories. Learn the art of putting together your accessories and making sure that these support the achievement of the overall look that you are going for. Bold, chunky pieces are more preferable for winter layering. Tiny accessories will have a harder time to standout amidst you thick clothing. In the same way, larger bags better complement your winter casual wear.

Tip No. 9

Put on your boots. It may not be easy to identify what to wear in winter but, these sole favorites are a must during this season. These pairs offer a quick way for you to be looking and strutting like a runway model. You must remember that the longer your clothing piece, the shorter your boots should be. Skinnies look great in all kinds of boots.

Tip No. 10

Tame the raggedness of denim with a pair of pumps. Achieve ragged sophistication in your torn denims and skinnies by pairing it with pumps. Go for pairs that have ornate details and prints, such as animal prints or lace, and made with rich materials like velvet or suede. A bow or buckle accent also will not hurt at all.


“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness,” wrote John Steinbeck in “Travels with Charley: In Search of America. The same can be said of your fashion sense. You have to hit a balance to get it right.