It’s fairly obvious that design, especially in the sphere of marketing, is something that changes on a daily basis. It is usually the large companies that dictate the trends which are then quickly adopted. Even though one is not aware of it, these trends significantly affect one’s everyday life. The latest trends in branding and logo design require a designer’s personal touch as well as a simple form that would be easily memorable and distinctive.


Flat logo design is definitely the dominant one. This is not because it looks the prettiest, though. There are many other benefits to flat style logos. They are clean and therefore register better with users. They are quicker to load in browsing devices and present the perfect option for printing on promotional gifts or billboards. A simple design can be easily identified which is something most companies want.

Hand lettering

Hand lettering and calligraphy used in logo design is a trend that has been gradually growing over the past years and continues to make its way through 2016. The reason why this style, so much reminiscent of something that’s “handmade”, is gaining on popularity is due to the fact that people actually find something that is not strictly digital more personal as well as attractive. Of course, hand lettering logo designs are really charming and pretty on the eye in their delivery.

Negative space

Negative space is one of the most popular design styles this year as well. The ability to convey different messages through uniquely and often very simply designed logos is something that most people can’t forget. Not only that, many people entertain themselves in finding the negative space message which is a sure way to leave an imprint within the mind and convey the message successfully. While maybe challenging to the designer, the end result is very rewarding and effective.


Vintage designs have made it really big in recent years. They’ve somehow always been there but now the popularity is making them one of the go-to styles in logo designs. Similarly to hand lettering, people love to see something personal and creative that doesn’t look like digital art. Vintage logo designs have a soul and also look nice. A good vintage logo design can establish an immediate trust between the company and the potential customer in a psychological way since they remind us of old-school great quality products. If designed really well, vintage logos provide the most flattering promotional T-shirts, which is always a big bonus.


Material design

One of the design strategies on the rise in 2016, material design conveys its message with smart use of colors and appearance of motion. The simplicity yet meaningfulness of this kind of design style is something that can easily be remembered, but still provides a unique perception of the company. The powerful metaphor hidden in material design logos serves as a way to attract attention and keep the focus of potential customers.

Before you venture to create a completely new logo or modify the old one, make sure to check all the material and virtual forms that will show off your logo. It is absolutely essential to analyze how your new logo will look printed on billboards, business cards, promotional T-shirts and other kinds of swag, or your company’s website – basically, how it will look on a small and large area as well as different material. In any case, it is necessary to consult with your designer in order to find the best design for your company and products/services that you offer which will make you recognized in the market.

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