It is time to switch things up from the fashion accessories you had on this summer because winter is here. And, with the change of seasons, there is need to change the type of jewelry you will wear. Through the winter season, most of us prefer to cover up with layers of warm clothing but accessorizing well can make you stand out with some sparkle. Favorably, designers in the industry have come up with new trends including gentle romantic motifs and bright sports style too. Here are some of the options available for you to bejewel with.

1. Black Chokers

Among the best picks for the winter jewelry fashion, is this kind of unusual shaped necklace. Designed to be adjacent to the gentle feminine neck, the choker’s main aim is to bring out comfort. The stylish accessory is also widely appreciated due to its ability to create a harmonious combination of clothes. Even though the necklace may not suit everyone, most daring fashion stars are able to pick their own chokers.

Popular options among the available chokers are the black ribbons, which may be satin, velvet or chiffon. The available choices go well for both the business and classical style settings. In addition, the suspension with a bright stone or a few colorful gems would offer a perfect complement for the choker.

2. Scarves as necklaces

The scarf is just a means to protect you from the wind for some but this fashion item needs to be looked into again. The scarf can be a whole lot more than a suitable outfit since the perfect scarf can significantly improve how your image is perceived.

Since we are all aware that most times the haste in which we tie our scarves can result in serious fashion collisions, it is necessary to take our time so as to accessorize perfectly. Big fashion names such as Roberto Cavalli have taken advantage of the versatility of scarf and view it as a form of necklace. This makes a great statement since opting for one means you have not only chosen to look beautiful but also to protect yourself from the cold. The variety of available scarf types range from the furry ones to those made from light fabrics and from the long ones to those that are in the form of a kerchief. They may also be inflated or knitted.

3. Pearls

Pearls will always be in style and are generally viewed as timeless accessories. They are a type of gemstones that have been a favorite for most mature women as they come off as classy and elegant. They are set to make a comeback over the winter riding on their unmatched vintage glory.

Among the fashion models that have taken up this style in the shows held recently include Moschino, Gucci and Dries Van Noten. Chanel has always promoted pearl necklaces as accessories in various sizes and lengths. However, it is important to note that white pearls are a classic favorite despite the various options available.

4. Natural Stone Beads

Beads are most likely the oldest pieces used in accessorizing considering that coral threads were described in many books capturing history. It may be for this very reason that ladies, young and old, consider having either amber, coral or zirconia beads as compulsory. The color variety also make beads a great option since it is easy to get them to match the outfit you have on. They are also very affordable pieces in comparison to the other options such as pearls or precious metals. This allows you to readily invest in a variety that can complement your look not only in winter but all year long as well.

5. Floral-Inspired Accessories

Even though spring is over, there is no reason for you not to have on the fauna and floral-inspired accessories this winter. This type of adornment is currently trending but it is recommended that you avoid items with vibrant designs and settle for those with frozen and muted shades.

Among the available options are vintage designs that have metallic plating or accents. These styles were incorporated in the necklaces, earrings and chokers that were worn by models from Gucci, Anna Sui, and Rodarte.


The cold winter weather can get you gloomy but that is the case only if you allow it to. You would be better off if you opted to face the chill boldly by adorning trendy accessories that will keep you looking fashionable. Fortunately, the options provided here offer some of the top winter jewelry trends for you to try out depending on your taste and preference.