Perfect Tips To Have Incredible Sex During A One-Night Stand

Ever imagined yourself getting cozy with that attractive stranger you met at the grocery or mall? Perhaps, that person ended up creeping into extreme deep territories of your fantasy and you ended up fulfilling them in the washroom.

Well anyway, if you have and you imagined yourself to be Kerian Lee to your fantasy Jasmine James, here are some perfect tips for you to nail that one night with the stranger you brought home.

1) Check yourself

There should not be emotions involved in a one night stand like crying or attachments. This means that you should check your emotions at the door, or bathroom stall, depending on where you happen to be mowing down on her. Look upon the event as something of a spark that just comes in and goes out, like a sneeze that finally comes after a long time but goes away instantly.

A sneeze never expects dinner or the permission to stay and hence, your hook-up expectations should be exactly like that. This, however, does not mean that you should behave like a douchebag for a night, or that there are no consequences or after effects (sexual safety is something to not take lightly).

Checking one’s emotions simply means that you show only the emotions necessary while keeping other out of the way. Sex does not need a meaning. Though it’s a sacred thing to some people a one-night stand’s main aim is l similar to that of a train, to get you aboard and get you off.

If you’re not sure about a situation or the person’s feelings, make sure to clear things up and be straightforward about your intentions before anything turns into a sine, cosine and Tangent curve.

2) Go with the flow

Normal lovemaking often follows a standard manual, which consists of 4 shots: foreplay, giving each other oral and all in sex. If this is your game plan, obviously you should, give it a go but most experts would steer from this protocol with people they don’t know because what gets us on might not be the case for them.

Be sure to communicate with your other one about kinky details that help you hulk up, whether that’s dirty little toys, talking dirty, watching some porn, or BDSM kind of stuff. This is especially true for women, as very few of them ever orgasm from the direct pounding. Thus, you should make sure that you know what your partner wants.

3) Mind what you say

You’re not giving an interview or talking with your boss, so there’s no need to be overly nice or become way too worrisome but remember the Golden Rule: “Unto others as you would also like them to unto your valuable cock”.
That is to say, basic courtesies should be maintained. If the time on the clock is too odd, let them sleep with you.
Keep the conversation lively but not into your private life –avoid any mention of your ex-flings or relationships, personal beliefs, politics or some kind of weird habit that you have. No actual need to brunch in a little post-sex Sudoku match the following morning, but you could offer them a little coffee or tea.

4) So all is not wasted

The goodbye speech should be kept light and jovial. Something, “Thanks for increasing my room temperature” should be enough, if you can’t think of anything while being hung-over.
Speaking of these hangovers, try not to be completely wasted like the playable character in GTA after he’s life runs out.

Every expert flinger knows that what happened to you hardly counts if you can’t remember what actually went on the next day or where that little bump came from.

5) The departure

Finally, there comes the departing. Don’t ever just run out without saying goodbye, this can make it seem as if you regretted having the one-night stand, or make your fling partner feel “like an object,” or feel that his techniques were not that great.

And even if it wasn’t a life-changing event, just leaving without uttering a word makes a mountain out of a mole hill. Nobody wants a trivial thing to be turned into something dramatic and thus, make you sure you don’t let it turn into something like that.