Hair damage is something that has caused panic in many women due to the appearance it results. Damaged hair can make you look disorganized, messy and untidy which is something that no woman or man wants. Therefore, it is essential to know what specifically causes hair damage and work towards how to prevent the damage from occurring. One of the reasons why hair is damaged is trying different hairstyles.

Hairstyles make your look beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. However, they can also result in hair damage causing an opposite definition of your appearance. To prevent the occurrence of such a situation, here are some of the hair care tips for girls and ways to prevent such a situation from happening.

Hairline pulling hairstyles

Some hairstyles require to be firm in order to indicate their neatness and style. Such styles include braiding your hair, using ponytails and any other hairstyle that pulls on your hairline. The styles stress the hair on the hairline resulting to loss thinning or weakening of the hair damaging your hair in general. In addition, removal of the same hairstyles can cause damage to your hair. Avoiding such hairstyles no matter how tempting they seem to be is your way out. On the other hand, you can fail to tighten the style, which makes the look messy and repulsing. Ensure you get rid of hairstyles that pull on your hair and or your hairline.


Many hair styling tools use heat in the process of styling your hair to your desired look. This is one of the processes that you have to stop or risk damaging your hair even further. Heat causes your hair to break by increasing its stiffness; it becomes brittle and breaks quite easy. This especially refers to hair styling tools that utilize a lot of heat. If it is a must that you use them, ensure they don’t last longer than 10 seconds while on your hair. To measure the heat, use your fingers and if they are burned, be assured that the same is happening to your hair. To avoid such a condition, why not use nature i.e. the sun to dry your hair and limit the tools you use to style your hair every now and then.

Get rid of chemicals

Hair chemicals and styling products are the reason that your hair is currently damaged. Using the wrong products or very strong products that your hair cannot take, is one of the reasons why these hair care tips for girls are here for you. Chemical weaken your hair resulting to thinning, drying and finally breakage. Straightening your hair using chemicals, lightening and bleaching to achieve that specific celebrity look is damaging your hair. To avoid this, use mild chemicals on your hair and let it remain in its natural state. If it is a must use, ensure that you deeply condition and moisturize your hair on a regular basis.

Maintain your hairstyle

Hair also requires time to heal and grow stronger once more. This can only happen if it is not tampered with on a regular basis. This means having your hair in one single hairstyle for a longer period of time ensuring that once the hairstyle is removed, the damage that occurred has been minimized. In addition, some hairstyles only require washing and continuous moisturization and they look bright and new each time. Look for a suitable hairstyle that brightens your look making you look attractive and sophisticated. Use the style when healing your hair from any damage.

Diet supplements

Your personal dietary habits are some of the reason why your hair is damaged or falling out. As a hair care tips for girls, the food that you take is detrimental and plays a huge role on whether your hair glows or falls out of your scalp. It is also a nice and sure way to protect and prevent any form of damage. Diet reach in vitamins in addition to other nutrients essential to the general functioning of the body are a necessity. Furthermore, you can use supplements i.e. dietary supplements to add on what your diet lacks. However, you are advised to try to look for the natural food and means of acquiring such nutrients before using the supplements.


Taking care of your damaged hair is one thing and preventing your hair from being damaged is another. The latter is the best choice as it means that you retain your hair in the best possible shape. Ensuring you use the right tools and avoid factors that lead to hair damage is the right and proper way to prevent damage on your hair.