Winter is a favorite season for many. With low temperatures, less sunshine, and other weather conditions, people usually dress to kill. Various sense and diverse fashions are unleashed. Makeup fanatics also enjoy this season. This is because the sun is nowhere to destroy your makeup. Besides, makeups auger well with warm clothes to enhance your beauty. However, many beauty conscious women find it challenging to do makeup at this time. Coupled with the fact that cold winds and moisture free air cause dry skins, selective makeup products should be used. Without proper skin care, flakiness, blotchy, dry and oily patches on the skin may develop. With this said, some of the beauty secrets for a gorgeous look during winter are highlighted below.

1. Wash your face

The first step on how to apply makeup in winter involves cleansing your face. Before thinking about any makeup, ensure that you wash your face gently. Individuals with a daily cleanliness schedule are better off. However, if you do not often clean your face, better begin doing it. Better results are achieved when a cleanser is included into the routine. Besides, avoid exposing your face to carbon and dust particles. Ensure that you find a suitable and quality cleanser for use.

2. Moisturize

Providing a protective coat is vital to ensure your skin is adequately protected. The skin, being an external structure, is exposed to various toxic chemicals. Besides, some chemicals present in the makeup may have damaging effects on the skin. With this said, it is prudent to apply a moisturizer before any makeup. This will act as a protective coat or barrier that prevents direct contact. After cleaning and gently patting the skin to dry, therefore, apply a layer of quality moisturizer. To add on this, winter seasons are associated with dry winds. Due to this, the skin loses a lot of moisture thus drying, cracking and flaking may result. Use a moisturizer, therefore, to keep these skin changes at bay.

3. Do not forget a sunscreen

Many people ignore the use of a sunscreen during winters due to the low periods of sun exposure. However, they forget that these rays have similar skin-ravaging rays like the summer sun. Using a sunscreen is therefore of immense importance. With this said, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

4. Foundation

Unlike the summer where a heavy foundation may lead to sweating, applying it during winter has no such effects. Therefore, winters are the best seasons where heavy foundations are applied. This will provide a tighter grip to the primer and consequent makeups. Additionally, using a heavy foundation will cover up pimples and blemishes that may be on your face.


Makeups products vary depending on various factors. The skin type is the key determinant. Women with sensitive skin, for instance, should consider light makeup. The makeup should be blended evenly with a light base and equally optimized in the face.

6. Lipstick choice

Lipsticks are the most pronounced makeup feature on the face. Getting the right choice is, therefore, the pronouncing aspect. When it comes to how to apply makeup in winter, specifically the lipstick, red is the color of choice. Winter provides a perfect opportunity to test the various shades of red available. Try any shade without considering your skin color. Red suits and matches with all the skin types if applied properly. However, if you find this audacious and raw to wear, consider a dark lipstick. For those who fall in the fold who do not like lipsticks, using a lip balm is prudent.

7. Mascara

Unlike the summer, you can beat the dreariness during winter by trying out diverse shades of mascara. Be it blue, pink or purple; this is the period to give them a try. Applying the correct amount of mascara certainly make your eyes look alluring.

8. Eyeliner

Just like the mascara and any other makeup, winter provides the perfect opportunity to try out the various eyeliner blends available. To many people, black is their conventional eyeliner choice. At this time, give it a break. Consider a chocolate brown, navy blue or jungle green to steal the show. However, for any choice, consider the lipstick color to avoid mismatch.

9. Trendy nails and hair styling

The hair and nail are often covered due to the preexisting cold conditions. However, this does not mean you ignore them. If you are not good at styling, consider employing the services of an expert makeup artist. The professional will guide you in making the best choices on the hair styling, nail color among other prerequisites.


Makeup is of immense importance for a glowing skin during the cold winter season. Despite being an easy process, finding the perfect products and choice is quite daunting. With this said, it is prudent employing the services of an expert. Besides, consider the tricks outlined above as they can come in handy.