Everybody who has ever tried working from home knows how tricky it can be. While you can become an incredibly successful and productive businessperson, being a teleworker can also lead to a business failure. If your time management, self-discipline and work organization are in balance, it is highly probable that you will achieve your business goals. But how to stay productive and creative in your home office?

Fight the clutter

First and foremost, you must not allow any mess in your home office. Although most contemporary home offices are paper-free units, every worker still has to keep some documents in their home office. To prevent them from turning into a pile of clutter, sort your office documents in accordance with their importance and put them into the file cabinet(s). Moreover, remove all the unnecessary items from your office. Old magazines, newspapers and clothes should be taken to other rooms. In addition, keep your office neat and tidy to ensure a smooth flow of energy and high productivity.

Dress like a pro

You know those videos in which cool, drowsy home workers wearing pajamas and holding a cup of coffee do their tasks in a careless, smooth way? Well, they should never look up to them. First of all, you will not be more productive if you sleep until noon. Secondly, avoid pajamas and dress as if you go to a real office. Of course, this does not mean that you should wear formal suits in your home office, but give it a touch of business dress code. Learn more about pros and cons of informal clothes in a home office in an article published by the Guardian.

Business outfit / keep it professional

Call it a night before midnight

With a large number of people outsourcing for companies from different parts of the world, many home workers spend nights doing their business tasks, mainly due to different time zones. While this type of work provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of people, it can also cause some serious health issues. Our body is made to live in accordance with the diurnal rhythm, meaning that it is more productive at day and needs regular night rest. When forced to stay up until wee hours, the body suffers from fatigue and exhaustion, which will result in reduced work productivity. Therefore, if you want to be more productive, go to bed before midnight and get up as early as possible.

Mind your working hours

Eat well, work out

Now that you spend your entire work days at home, you can go for a walk or have an exercise whenever you want. Also, you can use the time that would otherwise be wasted on commuting to prepare some healthy food. When you manage to force yourself to replace that night-owl lifestyle with the early-bird rhythm, start your day with a healthy breakfast. You can do a huge share of work before noon. That is the right time to have lunch and go for a walk. If you have any unfinished tasks, you will deal with them much faster after a tasty lunch and a brisk walk. Finally, do some evening workout at least twice a week, to keep your mind and body in good shape. Check some diet ideas for workers doing sedentary jobs.

Healthy life - healthy office

Health-preserving equipment

If your eating habits affect your weight, the quality of your office equipment will influence your posture. A healthy back is something that will keep your productivity on a high level for decades. To ensure the best support for the lumbar region of your back, you need to invest in ergonomic chairs. Moreover, your keyboard and mouse also have to have ergonomic features. On the other hand, there should be a rest nook in your home office, too, for your leisure time. You can equip it with lounge chairs for comfortable breaks.

A good chair and a desk

Every worker is different and you should find the work rhythm that suits your personality. However, most workers will see that those tips above are some common strategies that improve productivity in most situations. Remember: it is more important to work smart than to work hard. Therefore, it is vital to stay focused, well-organized and healthy to keep up the good work.