Winter is certainly not that friendly to the skin. With the cold chilly and dry air blowing hugely, proper skin care routine should be established. Skin care routines vary with seasons. For instance, products used for skin care during the summer may not be utmost suitable during winter. During winter, dry and flaky skin is the major issue of concern. Therefore, developing skin care routine that incorporates extensive moisturizers is not an option. Other people could be facing skin conditions that lead to dry skin. With your skin being the largest organ, any slight defect or problem will certainly cause impaired esteem. Contrastingly, maintaining a smooth and healthy skin during winter is not daunting. Proper choice of skin care routines and products is the key. With this said, maintaining a healthy and glowing skin can be done in three major steps.

1. Choosing a Skin Moisturizer

A choice of a suitable skin moisturizer is the number one step on how to moisturize your face. However, not all the skin moisturizers available in the market auger well with your skin. There are different skin moisturizers suitable for different uses and skins. You should, therefore, begin by identifying your skin type. This will help you find the right and perfect moisturizer. An easy way of figuring out your skin type is by washing then drying it. After some time, say an hour, note if your skin is dry or oily. With this, your skin can be categorized as being oily, normal or dry skin. Besides this, there are two other different skin types. They include a sensitive and mature skin. Having identified this, consider the following choices:

  • For dry skins, consider petroleum or oil based skin moisturizer
  • Oily skins are suitable for water-based and non-comedogenic moisturizers.
  • For normal skins, water based and minimally oily moisturizers are recommended.
  • Sensitive skins necessitate the use of moisturizers with medicinal or soothing abilities. Therefore, it is prudent choosing products with chamomile or aloe. Note that using moisturizers with fragrances, acids or dyes may cause problems.
  • Older mature skins require moisturizers rich in petroleum.

With that said, you certainly have a base to begin your search. However, before engaging the use of any product, consider consulting dermatologists or other skin experts for prescriptions. Your dermatologist will make an accurate prescription of the suitable product for your skin type.

2. Treating Dry Skin

As indicated before, dry skin is a common winter problem. However, many people cannot differentiate and identify their skin type. Dry skin can be identified even from the face. Finding out your skin type will provide a spot to begin when looking into how to moisturize your face. With that said, dry skins have the following characteristics:

  • The skin feels tight
  • Signs of cracking
  • Itchy or gets rough after shower
  • Turns red for individuals with light skin
  • Turns gray or ashy for those with dark skins

If your skin has the features mentioned above, pay extra attention to moisturizers. Besides this, other measures will lead to a glowing skin during winter. They include:

  • Avoid long and hot showers. Despite sounding luxurious, especially during winter, this practice can worsen your skin condition.
  • Do not dry your skin excessively after showering.
  • Apply a skin moisturizer immediately after drying the skin.
  • For the lips, apply a lip balm. Lip balms should be included in skin care routines. They contain sun protective ingredients that will protect the lips. Additionally, avoid licking your lips as it can exacerbate the problem.
  • Apply a sunscreen always. Despite being winter with less sunshine, your skin needs a protective coat.
  • Wear protective clothing. Wearing gloves during winter is of immense importance. This will protect your hands from the harsh environmental conditions.

3. Maintaining a Healthy Skin

After achieving a glowing skin, maintaining is the remaining involving task. However, this can’t be too daunting if you overcame the above two procedures successfully. Some of the maintenance tips include:

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  • Proper selection of a body washes suiting your skin type. Body wash, especially facial products have flooded the market. This makes the selection process quite daunting. Therefore, you should consider finding a body wash with essential oils including coconut oil, jojoba oils, and olive oils. This will help your skin retain moisture.
  • Establish a dry skin care routine and stick to it. Once you have identified the perfect skin care routine that works for your skin, stick to the routine.
  • Practice lifestyle procedures that are beneficial to your skin. Lifestyle choices such as drinking plenty of water and a balanced diet are of immense importance in maintaining a glowing skin.
  • Always walk around with a face, hand and body moisturizer.


Maintaining a smooth, healthy and soft skin can be a challenging task especially during winter. Proper skin care should, therefore, be practiced for a glowing skin. Additionally, proper care will ensure a perfect turn-around from dry skin to a healthy, appealing skin. The tips highlighted above can come in handy when facing similar challenges.