Long has the time passed when children learn to count by using marbles, apples and various colorful abacuses. In the modern day, it is all about using fun gadgets and apps which make math not only fun, but easy to understand. Bear in mind that nowadays, you have to have understand that technology has become a part of everyone’s life, even kids who have barely started forming words.

Start With Simple Gadgets

Many kids already have access to various Android and iOS devices, and usually just pass time by playing games. However, with the Osmo feature for the iPad it will make their little brains work, as it will help them to grasp the underlying mechanics of not just math, but other similar subjects too. On the other hand, the games they will play will be fun and distracting enough for them not to notice that they are also learning something in the meantime.

Make Use of Computers and Handheld Devices

Math can be troublesome, especially at a younger age because it could be harder to understand it. Nevertheless, with a plethora of great math apps you can download to your computer or handheld device will make it possible to help teach them. Then again, simple games can be an easy way for you to introduce them to more complex math problems.

Have Fun Writing

Kids will be static if they get to play with a Boogie Board because it will be like writing on regular paper only it will be digital. The simple concept will be more than just interesting for kids and it could captivate them enough so that they will pay attention. The good side of technology is that you can combine multiple elements and subjects for children to have fun with and have them learn a thing or two.

Boogie BoardMake Use of the Computer

Besides the many gadgets widely available to children of all ages, you should make use of games available as well. While it might seem like a bad idea to play games in front of the monitor, it could help develop math skills, as well as to teach them a few tricks to help them out. Interactive online Sudoku games are a perfect way to strengthen counting in younger children, and develop a sense of logical thinking. Be sure to help as little as possible and only enough for them to understand the game.


Make Math Fun in the Classroom

With many schools having access to smartboards, it comes as no surprise that children are amazed and ready to learn. However, unless you grab their attention, it will not be fun for long. Luckily, you can use the smartboard for more than just teaching complicated math problems, some interactive math websites will allow for games to be played as well.

smartboardLearning Made Fun

With the help of Dash and Dot you can introduce your children to more complex subjects, while still having fun. They will be able to quickly pick up on demanding logical problem-solving skills without being the wiser. Moreover, it will be lots of fun for them and for you as well. After a while, you will notice that your kid will try to come up with increasingly difficult puzzles on their own, to challenge themselves and their peers.

Technology has allowed children to solve problems at a faster pace, because they will no longer need to focus the path that leads to the solution. Their concern will be to grasp the hows and whys of the issue at hand. Moreover, with so many gadgets at their disposal, every subject they learn in school, especially math, will be easy to absorb, without putting in too much effort. Nonetheless, you need to focus on setting a good example and not just hope that the gadgets will do the work for you. Teach them how to get the most out of the technology at their fingertips.