If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who are constantly, or least very often, on the go, you are probably quite familiar with the problem of packing everything you need for work in as small a suitcase as possible. Travelling for work is different from going on holiday and you can’t really rely on buying something you’ve forgotten once you reach your destination.
Being a businessperson yourself, you are aware that perfect planning prevents pathetic performance, which is why you have to have a list of all the things you need on a business trip. Here are some of the suggestions put forward by experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned travellers, which you might find quite useful.

a women by a laptop drinking coffeeComputer

Depending on the type of work you do and your needs, you might choose from a range of products used to help you do your tasks without being fixed to a certain location. Using a laptop, notebook, tablet or one of the 2-in-1 convertible or hybrid laptops that can be used as tablets is completely up to you.

Your choice should depend on your requirements and the amount of money you can invest in purchasing such a gadget. You should definitely consult someone with more experience when it comes to selecting the right thing since you don’t want to spend more money than necessary to get some features you’ll never need. Similarly, you don’t want to go for the cheapest option, since it usually means poorer quality.


You may think that this is something you shouldn’t be carrying around with you on a business trip and you may be absolutely right. The sheer size of the thing is often a good enough reason for leaving it behind. Still, with some great breakthroughs in technology, we are now witnessing a huge rise in both the demand and supply or ultraportable projectors, also known as handheld or pico projectors. Having one of those gadgets will help you organise your presentations much more efficiently since you can use almost any opportunity to practise.

working cross devicesTravel router

Since most of the work nowadays includes having access to the Internet 24/7, you might want to invest in a travel router, which makes it possible to be connected if you can’t rely on the local WiFi coverage. The price of the router of your choice will depend on its quality and size and with more and more manufacturers offering their models, you can be sure that they have become much more affordable.



If you need to make regular video calls when surrounded by other people while travelling or going around the city, you should definitely consider investing in a quality pair of headphones. You can also use them to listen to music while travelling, thus taking your mind off the problems and challenges ahead of you. Since they are so easy to pack but so useful, headphones deserve their place on the list of things you should always pack.

a pair of in ear headphonesSmart water bottle

One of the problems that people who travel a lot often encounter is that they forget to keep themselves hydrated at all times. The importance of hydration is well documented and smart water bottles help you remember to take enough water. Not only do they serve as a reminder, but they also keep your water clean and fresh for quite a long time.

Portable charger

With the battery life of modern gadgets being much shorter than before, primarily because of all the tasks we perform using mobile devices, it’s really crucial that you have some alternative solution, which should give you enough power until you are able to charge your devices normally. The capacity of chargers differs and so does the price. You might even think about a solar charger if you spend a lot of time outdoors. These eco-friendly solutions can really be useful for someone constantly travelling.

a person plugging his phone on a charger
Someone who travels a lot on business simply needs to be as independent as possible and take all the necessary things with them. However, you should also try to travel light, which means you need to be looking at some compact and lightweight solutions for your needs. Some of the suggestions presented here require more substantial investment, but being able to do your job regardless of where you are is something that you often can’t put a price on.