To live a healthy life you need to eat right.

Eating right means ingesting proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fiber in the recommended and desired amount for your body to function properly. Simply put, eating right means consuming healthy food.

There’s an issue that keeps preventing more and more people from taking the healthy food path, though. The rising of food prices makes it harder to eat healthy and easier to opt for junk food.

“Is it still possible to eat healthy at inexpensive prices?” — you might be asking. The answer is ‘yes’.

We’ve taken that question into consideration and decided to come up with this infographic list of 8 simple ways that show you how to eat healthy when you’re on a budget:


Buy whole foods

Processed foods are more expensive and less nutritious than unprocessed foods. Whole foods give you more control over the ingredients and you can also buy them in larger quantities.

Buy cheaper cuts of meat

Try less expensive cuts of meat and use different cooking methods to make tougher cuts tender and juicy. Buy large, inexpensive cuts to use in several different meals during the week.

Prepare your own food

Preparing your own food allows for total control over the ingredients and is much cheaper than buying food out. Eat before leaving home for work or going out. Take food with you to school or work.

Stick to your grocery list

Avoid impulse buying by making a grocery list and sticking to it. Don’t shop when you’re hungry and go to the grocery store alone. This will help you stick to your list as well.

Plan your meals ahead

Plan our meals for the week and list all the foods you need to buy. Check your fridge and cabinets to see what you already have and buy only what you’re sure you will use.

Buy frozen fruits and veggies

These are often half the price of fresh produce, you can buy them in bulk to save more, are available all year round and are sold in large bags. Frozen fruits and veggies are just or even more nutritious than their fresh counterparts, if frozen the right way when they’re picked.

Buy generic food

Generic food tastes just the same and is of the same quality as brand name foods. The difference is that they are much cheaper.

Buy in bulk

Foods like grains, millet, barley, rice, beans, some nuts and oats are available in bulk and are easy to stockpile. Find them on sale and buy as much as you can afford making sure you’re actually going to use them.