Your work environment has an enormous influence on your job performance, which means that you should design your office in a way that will maximize your productivity. Today, one of the most common problems is concentrating on your work, especially if you are surrounded by your colleagues. One possible solution might be to isolate yourself from the happenings around you by simply using earplugs or headphones. However, there are some ideas that can help you stay focused on your work and be productive.

  • Tidiness is a precondition for creating a working atmosphere. Try to remove all unnecessary distractions around you and keep your work environment clean. Throw away anything that you no longer need, put away your old files and try and keep your desk in order. Having an organized and clean environment can help you concentrate better and it will contribute to your productivity.
  • People grouping can be extremely helpful if conducted in a proper manner. If you work in an office surrounded by your colleagues, you can turn that into an advantage. Being grouped with co-workers who have the same wok goals as you, or with whom you share clients can facilitate your job to a great extent. You can always ask questions, discuss different ideas and seek advice from people who are familiar with your line of work. However, if you work at home, try to stay in touch with your colleagues by creating a chat group where you can communicate during work hours.
  • Colors and their psychology are an important factor that can affect your productivity and your mindset in general. Colors can influence your mood and, therefore, your eagerness to work. If you work at home, painting your home office the way you want should not be a problem. However, if you work in an office, this might not be feasible. Instead, you can decorate it in colours that can contribute to productivity and creativity, such as green, blue, pink and white.
  • Nature in the office-People need to stay in touch with nature, so if you don’t have a view from your office windows, or if you don’t have any windows, decorate your work area with pictures of the world of nature. During your lunch break you can go outside and have your meal in a park. This way you can clear your thoughts, take in some fresh air and improve your mood. If you work from home, you can achieve this by sitting next to a window, or in a garden if you have one. Having enough sunlight is of utmost importance when it comes to productivity and concentration.
  • Movable furniture nables office flexibility. Rearranging desks so as to promote collaborative work, but also to provide an opportunity for individual achievements and personal growth can be extremely helpful. The possibility of moving your desk around the office can provide you with a change that can boost your mood and focus.
  • Space predetermined for private collection of thoughts should be provided in an office, especially if there’s a lot of employees working in the same room. Having a private, silent place for going through a problem, or a business plan enables employees to keep their minds focused and on track.
  • Areas for collaborative work suit people who enjoy working in groups. These individuals are more productive and efficient when discussing different ideas with their colleagues. Therefore, employers should organize such areas that will provide their workers with the opportunity for brainstorming and socializing.
  • Refreshment and snacks during work hours will keep you energized and ready to work. Consider bringing some prepared snacks and beverages to work. Usually, offices offer coffee or tea for those who need a bit of caffeine to stay focused.

In addition to all of these ideas, there are many more that you can come up with. You should avoid multitasking, and instead focus on a single task. Avoid small talk with your colleagues during work hours, and leave chatting for a break. Finally, in order to perform your job more efficiently, try making short-term goals, which will help you gain insight in your professional development.


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