Everyone knows the fundamentals of decorating—a few furniture pieces, a coffee table, some shelves and decoration. However, there are pieces of décor that boost your interior style and make it really stand out from the sea of basic home interiors. These eight décor elements will make your home cover-ready.

A stylish entry table

Leave a good first impression with a beautiful entryway setup. A foyer table isn’t only stylish, but it’s also very practical for leaving keys and mail. Keep a tray for trinkets, a mirror above it and a cozy chair for taking off your shoes.

A pop of color

Monochrome spaces are elegant, but they can feel too sterile and impersonal. So, make sure to spice up your color palette with a few pops of color which will introduce some energy and personality into the space. Opt for colorful accessories or a statement piece of painted furniture.

Something dark and elegant

On the other hand, if you want to introduce a bit of timeless style and elegance into your home, opt for a few items painted black. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of furniture, a light fixture, a set of picture frames or a simple black accessory, this neutral color will always make your home look grounded and tidy. You can also use black if you want to modernize your home and its color scheme.

Good lighting

Bad lighting can make even the most stylish of spaces look gloomy and just badly designed. So make sure to provide your home with ample and layered lighting that will illuminate all of the beautiful elements in your space. Add a standing lamp in the dark corner, provide desk lamps for different areas and install some decorative lighting—a single chandelier is just not enough. Additional lighting will instantly elevate the mood and provide you with many lighting opportunities, especially if you invest in dimmers.

A focal piece

Every well-decorated space needs a star of the show. This can be an interesting piece of décor, a statement lighting feature or a different-colored wall. However, the best way to add a focal piece is to use designer furniture. Beautiful lounges will not only provide comfort to the space but also boost its style and attract the attention of everyone who steps into your home.

Some greenery

Natural elements like plants make the world of difference in every interior. For instance, tall indoor trees add height and life to every space, while vines offer amazing textures on your walls. If you’re not confident enough to grow a whole tree in your home, you can opt for trendy succulents that are super easy to grow. Alternatively, faux plants and freshly cut flowers can also look amazing and bring color and life to your home. Just a small vase of flowers on your coffee table or entryway table will make the space look more cozy and thought-out.

Interesting textures

Add a layer of interest to your home by bringing in different textures. If you love your home monochromatic, you can easily add some personality to the space without messing with your minimalist color palette. A great way to introduce various feels to the room is to use woven baskets, knitted throws and fluffy rugs. For instance, if your furniture needs a little help in the style department, a simple throw can make the world of difference. Also, woven baskets for storage are a great way to add interesting texture and help you keep your space clutter-free.

Unique art

Today, almost every interior design store sells a variety of beautiful art already framed and ready for your walls. However, the best way to improve your décor with art is to opt for one or two original pieces that will make your home unique and stylish. Visit your local gallery and support young talents by purchasing their work.
So, before you start your next renovation, take a look at this list of must-have décor elements and your humble abode will turn into a stylish space in no time.