Identifying with the current fashion trends and wearing the best clothes that are currently trending is every girl’s dream. Therefore, keeping up with what is happening and with every new design or model produced by fashion designers is paramount. Without doing so, you might be left out and not know what is trending, resulting to a disastrous effect especially for girls. This spring brings the same marvel, curiosity and interests in what the fashion world has to offer. To curb some of this intrigue and interests being displayed by girls all over the world, here are the top 7 trending clothes that every girl is looking forward to shopping.

1. Arty Pop

Spring 2017 fashion brings forth the use of graphics, color or stripes in different cloth designs meant to attract if not amaze the ladies. With the bright colors, the special graphics included in clothes and the unique additions of prints as displayed by designers Chloe and Proenza Schouler, these clothes are shopping worthy. In addition, they bring out the brightness, complement individual beauty and promote personality identification that is hard to notice.

2. Leggings

These have definitely reinvented the definition and meaning of the term fashion trends. Their popularity continues to grow and the designs continue to increase. However, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton have differentiated the clothes design buy offering what the girls wouldn’t want to miss. The clothes in addition to matching shoes are bound to offer you the best of trending clothes in the industry today. Furthermore, you may even develop the trend as you put on your leggings and suitably matched top clothes.

3. Flowers

As the blossoms take the chance to bloom come spring, the flower power in reference to the trending clothes has also began to grow. Blossom prints are circulating and being made into the best clothes ranging from the 70’s to the 80’s trends with an additional flirt or kitsch. With Chloe and Balenciaga, you have the best clothes with flower prints, matching accessories and the best shoes ever.

4. Shoulders

These have always been used to show fashion statements and trending styles. The broad or oversized shoulder clothes are now making it to the spring 2017 fashion. They have also been seen to trend in the past seasons and are said to project an air of elegance, strictness and sleek movement. They form what we call a dream world and bring out the sophistication that every girl is looking to have or acquire as time goes.

5. Pink and Pink Shades

Pink forms the best trend in clothes this coming season. The shades range from shocking pink, baby pink, raspberry to cherry pink. As girls, these are colours that call to us from a far. Do not be left behind and visit Valentino, Balenciaga and Celine for the best pink clothes they have designed. Some of their designs were recently showcased showing their trendy pink outfits.

6. Sleek Clothes

Sleek and see me through are now trending in spring 2017 fashion. This has formed their own corner and fashioned such that every single lady wants a piece of them. Apart from the general beauty of the designs, they are said to enhance ones beauty a million times and increase ones sophistication, elegance and supplement their skin tones. As a matter of fact, these trending clothes tend to reveal what is worn or what lay beneath them but the simplistic nature they project is what is endearing to all.

7. Inner Wear As Outer Wear

It is about time that these clothing trends made it back to the top. This coming season, this is a trend that many girls will be running towards with the aim of shopping them. The trend has begun with some of the best designers including Kenzo, Alexander Mcqueen and Prada. The run ways were full of bras worn on shirts, on dresses and even on t-shirts. In addition, the designers modernised the whole look to integrate the past and the future into new and advanced 2017 fashion trend classics in spring.


Trends come and go and in the fashion world, the dynamism of it is astounding. Therefore, it is easy to remain oblivious but for young girls, being in real time fashion is all that there is in life. By following the discussed clothing trends and fashion trends that are expected, you are assured of being in fashion at all times. In addition, follow your best designers online and see what they come up with as time goes. You might be surprised when more trending cloth lines are released and you can’t help but go out shopping again and again.