Belly bloat is where you feel that your stomach is full as if you are pregnant; bloating can also be excessive of gas in stomach. This is can be avoided though it depends on beholder. You may wake up in the morning when your stomach is flat but look pregnant later in the day; this does not mean that you have belly problems despite weight loss. However, there are common causes of belly bloating such as carbohydrate trigger, constipation, undiagnosed celiac disease, excess tummy fat, and acid reflux. In case the bloating persists consider visiting doctor for check up to avoid more damage on your belly.

The following are the 6 foods that fight off belly bloat;

  1. Cantaloupe

This is orange melon which is full of anti-bloating potassium. It is low in calories and rich in water content which is a great I fat burning being stated among the best tips for weight. You should get away of eating cantaloupe since besides being good in fighting bloating it is a fruit and it contains lots of water which is necessary for your body. Cantaloupe does not have acid which makes belly uncomfortable hence causing bloating. This food is usually advisable to be taken 3 times in a day. Once you have eaten this cantaloupe let yourself have rest for sometimes to allow digestion.

  1. Bananas

They are loaded with fiber and potassium, which helps to relieve water retention and is also among the healthy tips for weight loss inhibiting belly fat reduction. Bananas are one of excellent solution to fight off belly bloat. In addition, bananas do not make you add weight, so you should not be afraid when eating them. Some medical experts recommend regular consumption of bananas as a key fruit to better health. They are locally available and not expensive hence affordable.

  1. Leafy greens

These greens like kale, spinach are filled with important nutrients. They are low in calories and loaded with fiber which helps ease water retention. Vegetables have more additional importance in your body. To people who underwent a certain operation which lead to bleeding or women who lose blood when giving birth are advised to take lots of vegetables to restore the blood lost. Do not ignore the vegetables if you want to have enough blood in your body. They are best in digestion hence reducing constipation and stated among the best tips for weight loss.

  1. Grainy bread

This is the brown bread. The grain bread is packed with fiber which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels to keep you full and is among the healthy tips for weight loss. Unlike white bread which causes your blood sugar levels to rise, this brown bread helps to maintain the required blood sugar levels.

  1. Brown rice

This type of rice takes a long period to digest, helping you remain full. It ensures that your belly has no space for bloating. Brown rice is one of the best recommended foods that helps fight belly bloating, since it does not have any stomach effect even if you take large amount of it such as causing constipation. Besides fighting off belly bloat, this brown rice has many other advantages which may include; recommended by doctors to people suffering from kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and arthritis pain. In case you have doctor’s prescriptions follow them to the latter to avoid more health problems. Avoid white rice since it does not add anything in your body instead, start using this brown rice and you will not regret it.

  1. Avocados

They are anti-bloating. These fruits are filled with healthy tips for weight loss. Avocados contain natural fat with helps your body fight off belly bloating hence increase the level of digestion. They boost body immunity.

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The above are some of the best foods to fight off belly bloating. Choose one food if not all the above which you are able to afford and available at your convenient. Each of the above foods have other important advantages hence you need them in your body. These foods even if you eat in plenty they cannot cause obesity. All are good if you have arthritis problems.

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