Do you want to get better at goal setting? Here is a list of 5 tips for effective goal setting:

1. Don’t have too many goals at one time

stressed by working

Even the most organised and productive people have a breaking point. When it comes to setting your goals, don’t set too many at once, otherwise you’ll end up stretching yourself too thin. It’s much better to have a few goals you can dedicate time and energy to, rather than lots of goals that won’t receive as much of your attention.

2. Make your goals specific and realistic

You’re much more likely to reach your goals if they’re specific and realistic. Set yourself a vague, unclear goal and you won’t know when you’ve reached it. Set yourself a goal that is incredibly ambitious and you might never reach it, realistically speaking. You can’t aim too high: when setting your goals, you have to take into account your current situation. By making your goals specific and realistic, you’re making them much more attainable.

3. Write them down

effective goal setting checklist

The reason why you want to set yourself goals is because you want to achieve them. Writing your goals down is a simple way to help you achieve them. This is because writing things down helps you become more organised and methodical in your approach. Writing your goals down is in many ways the first step: once they’re written down, the only thing you can do is act on them and go about achieving them.

4. Learn to deal with obstacles

In an ideal world, you’d be able to set yourself goals and achieve them without any fuss. However, this isn’t an ideal world. When it comes to setting yourself goals, remember that you’re bound to encounter obstacles somewhere along the line. When you’re setting your goals, think about any obstacles you might have to deal with and think about how you’d deal with them. Of course, something might happen that you never thought would happen, but as long as you keep a level head, you should be able to deal with obstacles and not let them get in the way of you achieving your goals.

5. Reward yourself

raining gifts

Setting yourself goals and achieving them can be quite a challenge. To keep yourself motivated along the way, reward yourself every so often. Some goals might take a good few years to achieve, while others might only take a few weeks or months. If it’s a shorter goal, reward yourself once it’s done. If it’s a longer one, break it down into small steps and reward yourself on completion of every step along the way.

Joanne Perkins is a Berkshire-based artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. She specialises in painting Berkshire landscapes and loves capturing the natural beauty of her local countryside. She is happy to accept all queries and questions. For more information about Joanne, her work and her current projects visit: Joanne can be found on Facebook