What separates successful people at work? You’ll easily recognize them: Whatever they do, they set a benchmark and they do it with some style. 

Mindsets are like viral infections. One of the best things you could do is surround yourself with successful people in your workplace. Their work ethic and style, the way they do things and why they do things is enviable and something one cannot feel bad about imitating. So what is it that you can copy and integrate into your life?

Below you’ll find 11 habits of successful people avoid at work. Let us all take some leaves out of their books and get going.

1. Avoid any gossip about other people.

girl talking gossip

Gossip is just an exercise of the tongue. Instead focus on the work in hand. Successful people don’t gossip because they believe in spending their time and energies in much more productive work. If someone needs help, instead of gossiping, they talk to them directly. But talking behind their backs is a strict no-no for successful people! I’ve never known any successful person wasting valuable energy doing this. They clearly know that people who talk about other people because they cannot be heroes themselves.

2. Never make any excuses

Look at the language displayed by successful people: “I got late because of this”, “I won’t be able to submit the report because of this”, “I won’t be able to… ” – are words you won’t hear from successful people. Because they don’t ever make excuses. If they can’t do something, they generally don’t take it up. But mostly, they balance everything pretty well. They are on time with their arrivals and submissions. They are punctual. Successful people don’t let it reach a point where they will need to make excuses. They plan their hours in such a smart way that they are never found chasing their agendas. You should always be on top of this at all times.

3. Don’t waste time complaining about the system

at work

Remember you have made the decision to work where at that company, in that team and setting. You do have a choice. But what sets successful people apart is instead of cribbing, they find a way out. They try to understand the system. And if it is there for good, they change. And if not, they try to change the system. But complaining is something you won’t hear from them for sure! Most unsuccessful people could be found cribbing about system around.

4. Don’t complain about how much work you have

There is great merit in enjoying your work. Get organized if the work appears too much. Get clarity on delivery, purpose and objectives. It is a very good feeling. Why not over prepare and then go with the flow. That’s how to succeed. Above all don’t complain about the quantity of work. Just try to set new quality standards.

5. No point in talking too much about your personal life

pause at work

Successful people believe in keeping the mystery around themselves. They also know how to communicate better in their workplaces. This is a good sign of leadership. They know that at work, one should focus only on work related issues. That’s why, they talk the least about their personal lives. They like to keep it separate and balanced.

6. Don’t talk about your financials

Successful people don’t brag about the money they make because they know it breeds unhealthy competition. They want everyone to compete on equal footing on the basis of their talents and outcomes and productivity; not money. Don’t waste time showing off to others. Successful people also know – money is not a good end result of every endeavor. Hence, they keep it out of their discussions.

7. Even at challenging moments never talk about giving up

This thought should not cross your mind. If something isn’t working a particular way, then figure out some other way. And they don’t give up till they find it. This is one of the most prominent hallmarks of successful people. They never give up. They may rest for a while but you will never find them quitting.

8. Never say no to a learning opportunity

Learning is exciting. Successful people know that learning and experience can be gained from anywhere, at any point. And that one should not let go of the opportunity. One reason why they don’t say No is because it helps them learn. And they have this unquenchable thirst for learning new methods and adopting new ideas. That’s what makes them successful.

9. Don’t say no when someone asks for help

habits of successful people

To be truly successful you have to give a lot. If there is something you can do to help someone grow, this will hold you well in the long run. Simply believe in helping and taking help. That’s how successful people make such good work environments around them & that’s why people come to them. Because they give help without pretence. They know that networking is a very important career function & they fully leverage upon it.

10. Never say things to please others.

Actually, successful people don’t know how to. The only way they know of growing in life is doing excellent work. They don’t know of shortcuts like pleasing the boss to climb up the ladder / running around others. They know how to do their work with excellence and they know how to get ahead in life on the basis of that merit. They won’t sugar coat their words either. They call a spade a spade. They win hearts genuinely.

11. Don’t make offensive comments even in jest

Think things through, never haste and make comments which you’ll later regret. Successful people think before they speak. They don’t make offensive jokes / rude comments on colleague under the influence of intoxicating bad habits. They are always in charge of their reputation. They are in control of their emotions. They don’t react to people. They speak only the right words that fit the work environment. That’s what makes them successful people.

Try implementing these suggestions, you’ll see your career develop successfully.